The Canary Wharf In&Outboard Project does not start with the intention of being just an exhibition, but an experiment that will follow the artists’ analysis, creative evolution and art practice based on the study of a specific area, with the purpose of having something to say about it.
Filmed and documented from the beginning to the end and culminating in a final product: an exhibition that will take place on “Le Sorelle” boat, which is a productive platform that reveals itself to the area and connects with it.

Antonio Pilade

art director

The Final Work: E14 - DNA installation

E 14


Mixed media installation

Sound, wallpaper, ink, paper, ice, quartz



Canary Wharf and the E14 area is a reflection of a global situation where people are stuck and isolated among their walls of fears, unable to trust and communicate. Most of them have become cold, frozen like the inhuman building blocks that surround them. I think that only if and when that very ice will melt, ideas, feelings and dreams will be able to flow with freedom. Until then, we are all in a suspended state of tension”

Nadia presents an installation that beautifully reflects her research of Canary Wharf and the surrounding E14 area. The artist conveys her own feelings and emotions with those that she collected, interviewing and interacting with people that live and work in the area.

In her installation E14, pieces of quartz stone, which represent emotions and feelings, are trapped in ice blocks, symbols of indifference and fear. The paper boats have messages on them, written by people from the E14 area. Only when the ice melts, the quartz pearls will be released, and the sail boats set free. A personal diary and audio recordings from her experience complete the installation, creating a more personal reflection.



Elena Bangueses Buceta

(Curator Assistant art director at InandOut board - 

Operations Manager at Saatchi Gallery) 

The creative process

I just went blank for few days, I decided to turn off.”


Nadia is not scared of showing her feelings; her first idea for the project, interviewing people who live and work in Canary Wharf, has just failed because of “people’s fear to uncover” and she feels lost, inadequate; she just wants to turn off.

Nadia needs to relate with others, so she doesn’t give up: she decides to reach the real people in one of their places, the market, engage them in making paper boats and hear their stories.

Nadia works on the idea of identity; every interaction improves her research, every relation is useful, even the one she has with Antonio’s filming.

She feels analysed but, at the same time, evaluated as an artist and a person. The way Antonio looks at her through the camera, makes her wonder how she appears to others, how she communicates to the outside what it is inside her.

It’s a challenge she responds to by writing a diary, “the narration of my pure stream of consciousness”, in order to make people understand how she really is.


If her artwork tells us about Canary Wharf inhabitants, her creative process is an occasion for Nadia to discover her identity and share it with others.



Barbara Speziale

(Curator at InandOut board -

Gallery Assistant at Saatchy Gallery))




Video Documents by Antonio Pilade