TDCC, performance, Historic Dockyards, Chatham, 2014

My performance starts with an invitation to an “italian snack” handed to public and published on social networks. People are given an appointment for the “snack”. 

At the time and place of the appointment I offer them traditional italian snack: chopped tomatoes on bread slices, whilst I wear a surgeon costume. The contingent element is the reaction of people toward the unexpected, the choice of eating or not my offer. 

The use of an object, such as a surgeon outfit, in an unusual manner and contest, changes the value of the action, transforming the tautologic idea of “having’ a snack into contingency. 


My aim is similar to what Adrian Piper did in her street performances Catalysts (I,II,III) “challenging beholders to respond to the perception of strangeness or difference in their midst” (Buskirk, 2003:213)