ID The Web Performance @ Human Rights?2011

What obsess me is the research of our true identity, our roots. How to be unique in a more and more globalized world. When I came to live in London. In such of a multicultural climate my questioning didn't stop, instead increased.
I can actually change nation, continent, lifestyle, but I'm still myself. But who really is this "myself"? I'm still looking for what distinguishes me, what indentify myself as an individual, a free, independent entity. But what I'm able to find is just a short life impalpable reflection, destined to vanish at the very moment when I think I can get hold of it. When with my fingers I'm able to skim over the essence of it, the image disappears as if it is projected on the water surface.

A name, a surname a date of birth, were are labelled since the very first day we are in the world but these are elements we receive from someone external to us.

I wonder how much they can identify whom we really are. Maybe among my fingerprint patterns I can find my oneness. 

That's why I decided to print it on a T-shirt.

My "unique" ID T-shirt, is my provocation...

Be part of the project ID.


download the card and fill it with your details, then send it to my address.

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