On the day of Saturday the 11th of January 2014 I had a wonderful professional experience. 
I was invited by the artists of the Group Galvanize Ensamble to show four of my unedited and unpublished videos along with their instrumental and vocal performance in a very special place Hundred Years Gallery.
The gallery is an alternative space in the "art-busy" zone of Hoxton in London. Since when I came in, the atmosphere was very friendly and welcoming. The place is small and it was packed with people, artists and art lovers...and when I say lovers I mean lovers.

When I think at the word "gallery" (art gallery) I usually think at a blank cubic space. I say blank and not "white" because usually the atmosphere is also blank, not real feelings only cold and fake greetings and opportunists smiles between strangers, where everyone plays his own role: the curator, the gallerist, the artists...
But yesterday I was proved wrong, because I entered in an art gallery with a "human" connotation.

And when the videos came on the screen, my ones along with others the emotions were also real. 
The artists play the music improvising along with the images on screen. It was magical...I couldn't believe it.

When my videos were selected they didn't ask me anything about concept or ideas behind. My great surprise when listening to their live improvisation is that they really understood what I felt when the video were taken and they were able to transfer similar emotions to the rest of the audience. I can honestly say that I really felt "in tune" with everything that was happening there at that moment.
It was the first time, since I came to UK, that I felt to be part of something and not just one artist who happened to have some of her works selected...

I can proudly say to anyone that eventually on Saturday the 11th of January 2014 we made art...