Waiting for the tide

(10min excerpt)

experimental film documentary


In the experimental documentary “Waiting for the tide” I try to establish a link between the landscape’s reality and that imagined by its conceiver. By contesting the division between the realm of memory and the realm of experience, I investigate the dynamics of landscape and the versatility of natural forces. My work demonstrates how life extends beyond its own subjective limits, telling a story about the effects of global cultural interaction, challenging the binaries we continually reconstruct between Self and Other.
During six months of ethnographic research in the Hoo Peninsula in Medway, in collaboration with the artist and film maker Ben Crawford, I was inspired by the powerful metaphor of a possible universal memory retained by the waters. Consequently I started a journey in order to meet communities whose history is strictly connected with the river Medway.
As a result we created a series of events involving other artists with the aim of reconnecting people with their landscape and their almost forgotten oral history. I documented the whole process in my work Waiting for Tide inclusive of a film and the artist book Waiting for the tide: a diary of water memories.