the video INDIFFERENT 2 was selected for several international events.

above the installation version at Human Rights? and stARTup 2010.

The Installation: The video is screened from an old TV in a "trash" environment where objects recalling culture and everyday life in Verona (Italy) are laid on the floor alongside other everyday objects used by the African community. The key word is "integration." Actually depends on what and by whom? Institutions or the individuals? Is it a Compromise? or just Sufferance?

Both for the host nation than for the immigrants danger is to loose thier roots. Living in a hosting country means accepting the culture of it and respect its laws, for those hosts means allowing the stranger a decent life while respecting cultural diversity.

The ability to understand their culture requires a degree of objectivity that rarely (if ever is reached. When we expose ourselves to other cultures, we are like the inhabitant of the sea that gets to know the air, we understand the cultural waters in which we ourselves live. When we learn about other cultures, we not only enhance the understanding towards others, but we can better understand ourselves.