I believe that sooner or later it happens to everyone ... I woke up one morning and looked in the mirror I saw a face that was not mineThe signs of the time ... I believed to be exempted...... I took my collection of passport photos taken, from the first identity card, for 15 years, until the last ID badge made for the school I work for now. A twenty in all ... driver's license ... passport ... during pregnancy... after pregnancy with 20 extra pounds ... lost the 20pounds ... etc.The face still the same, but the person ... always small details that are barely noticeable mark on my face: the whole course of my lifeAnd my facetells memoriesfears, hopes, illusions


What we are outside perishesbut we are inside is always the same. 


As if to exorcise the feeling of loss caused by the realization of this discovery, I began to copy on paper with colored penspicture by picture the physical features of my faceWhat emerged was "Time”, the first of a series of graphic portraits.